About us..

At Ace Homecare, we have over 80 years 'domiciliary care' experience between us in the office. Our care team have much more and over half of them have been with us for over 5 years and a handful over ten years. We believe that our staff retention levels are high because we are determined to create and maintain the best working environment we can. We are always looking for ways to improve the core care delivery to our customers but we are equally focused on improving the work experiences of our staff. We believe that if we build a happy workforce, this in turn will create a happy customer and high quality care!


Our Office Team

Jackie Armstrong


Jackie started the company in 2003 with Amanda after working in social care for many years. 'Jacks' is our current Registered Manager as well as a director. She is the boss of everyone but the office dog, Brinkley. 

Amanda Belton


Amanda started in the care sector 20 years ago. After being a carer for many years, Amanda persuaded Jackie to start up in 2003 in the hope of improving the struggling sector. 

Sarah Austin


Sarah is currently training for her Level 5 Registered Manager course in order to help out Jackie with her duties. Sarah started with the company 4 years ago and has become a favourite amongst our customers.

Tamara Dixon


Tamara is our newbie in the office although she does have plenty of experience in the care sector.  We look forward to seeing what Tamara can bring to our team.

Richard Armstrong


Richard is the company 'Driver' constantly creating new methods of improvement to ensure the business is thriving. 'Rick' has worked his way up to become the operations manager after being with the company for a number of years. 

Sam Shutt


Sam is our part time admin along with Kat. Sam runs a small cake business on the side (you can see a link on the homepage). We can testify that they are delicious!



Brinkley has the most important job of all; he is there to try keep us all calm in our moments of stress. He has had a lot of practice but he is very good at his job.

Our Care Team

Kat Nowaczewska


Kat is known fer her flexibility as she performs a number or roles for the company. She is a carer at heart but is also part office based and also covers the 'Out of hours' support team.

Sam Sigsworth


Sam is still relatively new but has made a big impression. Sam is there to provide 'support' to our care staff, especially to our new recruits. Sam is always professional and is perfect as a representative of the company's values.

Gemma Richardson


 Gemma has been with us since 2016, she has recently just come back from maternity leave. She is mainly a carer but also covers the 'Out of Hours' Team. Gemma is known for always wearing a smile, even in the early hours of the morning.