How are we Well-Led...

Quality Assurance

We regularly conduct quality assurance programs to ensure our service is running efficiently. 

Clear Mission Statement

We have a clear vision and idea about how care should be delivered. We promote this as much as we can.

Open Office

Our office is always open to our staff so that they can raise concerns. We listen to our staff and try to involve them in solutions to problems.

Reward and Recognition

We recognise when our staff have achieved something good and reward them appropriately.


We are honest about where our service needs improvement and work towards this everyday. We communicate this with our staff so they know too.


We put the right people in the right places. We encourage our staff to work towards the next milestone in training. We try to utilise the skill set of each of our staff so that they can perfrom their jobs effectively. 

Technology And Tools

We work hard so that all the staff have the tools required to carry out their jobs effectively. From computers hardware, software, tablets, phone systems, tablets, uniforms and PPE.

Team Meetings

We work closely with all our staff to keep them involved and share best practice solutions. We use this an opportunity to promote and champion our goals and highlight any risks.


We provide incentives to our staff to keep them motivated. From monetary rewards to extra days off, to simply a box of chocolates to recognise good performance.


We try to gain feedback from a range of activities. From on-boarding to the apps we use. We use this information to make future strategy plans. We encourage all stakeholders to provide as much feedback as possible.

Registered Manager in Post

There will always be a registered manager in post, if there is a time when there is not, we have someone ready to step in.


We know our responsibilities when informing CQC and safegurading notifications.


We have undertaken GDPR training and are aware of our responsibility when handling/storing and accessing data.