How we are Safe...


Our carers are provided a mix of different training methods to give them the training they need. All staff complete an induction which includes the care certificate within their first 12 weeks. Carers are also provided with Lone Worker and risk management training as standard. 


We always ensure our staff are CRB checked and suitable references are obtained prior to start. We are careful about the staff we employ and ensure they are aligned to our goals.


We monitor our staff, in particular new staff during their probation period. We provide ample shadowing prior to the care staff starting to ensure they are comfortable in their roles. 

Data Protection

We protect your data and have robust systems to ensure your data is always safe.

Risk Assessment

We continually do risk assessments to ensure all risks to customers and staff are  minimised as much as possible. We are constantly seeking best practice methods to our systems. We check all fire alarms and allocate an emergency risk rating on assessment.

Adequate Staffing

We ensure we always have an appropriate staff to customer ratio and plan for busy periods of the year.


We have a clear and manageable medication process. It is transparent and robust and proven to reduce medication errors.


We use alerts to spot and respond to incidents to prevent dangerous situations.

Infection Control

All staff undergo infection control training and this is routinely updated.


We work alongside our local safeguarding team to identify and report any potential safeguarding incidents. We keep our safeguarding team aware on a monthly basis of every occasion where our service has failed or a low level incident has occurred.


We review any failures to our service delivery rigorously and try to learn from these incidents to prevent re-occurrences. 


All staff are provided with adequate uniform, PPE and personal alarms and ID badges to ensure our staff are able to do their job.

Registered Manager

We will always have a registered manager in post and currently have a trainee registered manager too.


All of our staff are encourage to work towards a minimum of an NVQ level 2 in Adult Social Care. We are happy to enrol our staff onto NVQ level 3 too. Currently over 90% of our staff has a minimum of Level 2.


We hold our hands up when we have made a mistake. We are accountable and take the responsibility with it.

Whistle blowing Policy

Our care staff have a clear route to reporting potential safeguarding incidents. We also have a way for our staff to whistle blow anonymously should they need to report something.  

Best Pracitce

We attend meetings/seminars and events based around best practice for care delivery and try to implement these into our systems.

Accurate Information

We keep our information accurate, up to date and relevant.