How we are Responsive..


Our Pass system helps us to identify errors and incidents and solve them before they become more serious incidents.

Re- Assessments

We always re-assess customers following a medium to long term period away from home. We do this to make sure we are aware of all changes and can inform the care staff.

Person Centred Care

We include our customers on all decisions relating to their care package to ensure they are happy with their care delivery.  

Families and other Key Contacts

We encourage families and other key contacts who are important in a customers  care to get involved as much as they can. We treat care as multi focus approach and work with professionals/families and customers to provide an all round service.


We make it clear how to raise a complaint or concern. We develop strong relationships with our customers so that they can easily communicate issues with their care delivery.


We can use our technology to spot trends . We use this information to inform relevant professional bodies so that our customers remain safe.


We are open and transparent and use failures to look at different ways we can do things. We try to look at the bigger picture and look at root causes to issues.

Driving Improvement

We are constantly looking at ways to improve, keeping knowledge of latest technologies, best practice and legislation changes.