quality assurance

Latest Quality Assurance Results

Why it is important to gather information about our own service..

a) To allow important stakeholders to have your say in how well we are performing, particularly in relation to the five key questions asked by the Care Quality Commission, (CQC) of all services – Are they safe?; Are they effective?; Are they caring?; Are they responsive?, and Are they well-led? 

b) To identify areas where improvements can be made;

c) To provide evidence to our Regulators, the CQC, on how the Agency is performing – especially useful when completing, for example, Provider Information Returns (PIR’s);

d) To allow us to draw up an Action Plan for the Agency which identifies the steps which need to be taken to improve any aspects of the service which are under-performing. 

To see our latest Quality Assurance results, please click the following links or download the PDF's at the bottom of the page.