Services We Provide

Personal Care


 The occupation of attending to the physical needs of people who are disabled or otherwise unable to take care of themselves, including tasks such as bathing, management of bodily functions, and cooking. Personal care in Grimsby and surrounding areas

Domestic Help


Domestic Care is a comprehensive service that helps you with all manner of day-to-day tasks, from doing the laundry to washing the pots and everything in between. 

Dementia and Alzheimers Care


 Dementia is a condition that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society.

Ace Homecare can deliver extensive and expert support to not only your loved one with the condition but all family members who are affected by Dementia.

Medication Support


We can help with a range of medication tasks. We can take full control of your medication needs or simply just remind you to take your medication. 

Social Interaction


We can provide sitting calls or escorted trips out tailored to your requirements.

Shopping/Bill Paying


We can order, collect or take you shopping. You can provide us with a list or we can do it ourselves. We can pay for your shopping and add it to your bill at the end of the month.

Palliative Care


Palliative care is specialist support for people who are living with a terminal illness or serious and life-threatening condition. The support involved in palliative care focuses on relieving the stress of a serious illness to improve that person’s quality of life and promote their independence. 

Medication Collection


We can provide a routined medication collection service so that you never miss any important medications.

Emergency Care


 Circumstances can suddenly change meaning that you need home care at the drop of a hat. Contact us if you need our help.

Nutrition and Hydration Support


Providing food and fluids has great meaning to many people as they often relate the provision of food and fluids to comfort and nourishment, and to the giving and preserving of life.  We recommend Meals on Wheels for external Meal assistance.

Just Checking


Whether it is for your own piece of mind or for a loved ones, we can regularly check in as frequent as you wish. We can keep families informed or they can log on to our app to see for themselves.

Respite Care/ Holiday Cover


We can provide temporary cover whilst your regular carer/PA/family member is on holiday. We can provide 'Respite Care' to give a break to your primary carer.

Peace of Mind for Families


Use our Pass System app to keep track of your loved ones care anywhere in the world.

Peg Feed Assistance


Do you or someone you know have a PEG, we can help you with the feeds. Our staff are trained to help you.

Open Pass


Open Pass is our app we use to keep families and key contacts informed about their loved ones care. You can find out exactly what has taken place on each visit from which medications, to how many drinks and what meals your loved one has had from anywhere in the world. For more information click the picture.

Apps we use