The Pass System

What is 'The PASS System'?

The Pass System is a piece of software we use to manage our care delivery. It is provided to us by Everylife Technologies. It allows us to respond to alerts in real time to help prevent errors and incidents. Our care staff collect information on each visit of care using an electronic tablet with the pass system software installed. We collect all the information we need at assessment and set up a care plan on the pass system based on what you have told us. We can then monitor whether they are carrying out the care package as you have requested. The Pass system tells us information such as what Meds have been given, what tasks have been completed, which tasks have not been completed and more importantly why. This allows us to monitor and look for trends in nutrition and hydration, medication support and all other tasks.

What if there are changes?

If there is a change required on your care plan, that is no problem. You can simply let us know and we can make the amendments ready for the next carer to go, even if that is only 5 minutes away. There may be a change to your medication starting tonight, we can update our system which will automatically change for the care staff to see when they get there. If the medication is only for a week, we can simply set it up for 7 days and it will automatically come of the tasks once the 7 days is up. This prevents the risk of errors and removes the messy paperwork from several crossing outs. The 'GP' has requested a urine sample for the morning, we simply add it to the tasks for the morning as a one off. The following day it will be gone again, all this takes less than a minute for us to implement. 

Responding to Alerts

The Pass system has a central dashboard which automatically brings up alerts about the care delivery in real time. This mean that if a task is missed, we can spot it straight away and crucially respond to rectify any errors. For instance,  a visit is completed at 9am but an alert comes through to say that the carer has missed one of the medications upon completion. We can spot this whilst they are still there and ring them to remind them to give that medication. If a call was due to start at 10am, at 10.30am an alert is raised to say the call has not started. We can then arrange for a carer to go straight away to prevent a missed call.

What if the carers have no signal or can't get access the software on the tablet?

No problem, the carers can log in offline and access the data normally and the data syncs back to us once they have regained signal. If they can't access the software at all, there still will be an up to date care plan in the house. detailing all the information we need. They can also ring the office or out of hours to double check what they are doing. The tablets are 4G enabled and have plenty of data. 

What if the tablet is lost/stolen, is my data at risk?

No, the care staff will report to us as soon as they realise they have not got their tablet. We can then lock the tablet from our end and prevent access to any of the apps on the tablet. 


Open Pass


What is 'Open Pass'?

Open Pass is the same system we use but tailored for families and other key contacts to access the care notes of the person using the care services. You can also have access to Open Pass if your the customer yourself. You can access these notes from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet/ mobile data connection. 

What can you see?

You can see all the care notes from all the visits for your loved one. You can see things like what medication has been given on each visit including dosage and form. You can see what nutrition was provided and if there were any problems on a visit. You can see your bookings for the week including what times and carers are visiting.

Can we make changes?

Yes, you can message us through Open Pass to make any changes you wish. We can message you back once it is in place.

Who can have access?

As many people as you wish to see your care notes. All you need to do is provide consent for each person you want to have access to your information. You can even grant access to your GP and hospital so that they can use the information to help you more. 

Is it Free?

Open Pass is a free service with every care package we do. You can have an unlimited amount of users if you wish.

How do I access Open Pass?

Once you have gained consent from the customer or if it is yourself. You can access Open Pass either by the web browser (it works best on google chrome). Or you can download the app to your phone or tablet and access the notes on there. Please see below for the links. If you are struggling to get access to Open Pass, don't hesitate to ring us and we will help set you up. If we need to, we are happy to come to see you to get you up and running.

Links for Downloading the App