What is Personalisation?

Personalisation is about enabling people to live their own lives as they wish. Ensuring that services are of high quality, are safe and promote their own individual needs for independence, well-being and dignity. 
 We are able to compile a complete personalised support plan, based around the needs of each service user. This support plan addresses everything a person needs. Before beginning the process of a person starting to receive care in their home they will be visited by one of our senior carers for a consultation. From here and in consultation with a full range of authorities all of a persons medical history, diet, things people like to do, their friends and family, likes and dislikes are recorded as part of the case file for that individual.

When an individual requires special needs such as physical or mental health conditions, then activities and on-going treatments are organised and go in to forming part of that persons day to day to routine. Overall there are many points in a personalised support plan which together ensure that we can provide the highest level of personalised care to every individual.

Personalised care services

Below Are Some General Considerations
for personalised care:

  • Personal Care
  • Physical Well-being
  • Medication
  • Mental State and Cognition
  • Night Time Care
  • Dietary Preferences
  • Weight Monitoring
  • Sight, Hearing and Communication
  • Social Interest
  • Hobbies
  • Religious and Cultural Beliefs
  • Oral Health and Foot Care
  • Continence

Whatever the circumstances of yourself or a loved-one, please be assured that we are here to guide you to the best solution for all concerned. It's easy to talk to one of our friendly support team — by simply picking up the phone and having a chat through your situation you will get some clear, un-pressured advice.

— Jackie Armstrong

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